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Top 10 Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan| Fee Structure

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan is the topic of discussion, but before we move further, lets move to the medical history of Muslims. The services rendered by Muslim scientists in the field of medicine in history are worth writing in golden letters.
Muslim scientists provided excellent information about all the organs of the human body at a time when the best and modern equipment were not available and these valuable information changed the history of medicine.
He made his name famous for his outstanding services which is a matter of honor for the Muslim scientists in Europe today that his works are taught as reference in European universities today.

Pakistan’s excellent achievements in the field of medicine, excellent medical colleges and research are proof that Pakistan has preserved the great heritage of its great Muslim scientists.

And it cannot be denied that Pakistan has the best medical colleges and universities in the world. MBBS in Pakistan is recognized all over the world and MBBS doctors from Pakistan are respected all over the world. This is proof that Pakistan is a country that has the best medical universities.

Wellcome to jamiataleem.

1. Aga Khan Medical University

Aga Khan Medical College is an educational and medical college in Karachi, Pakistan, where students from all over the world come to get knowledge and medical education.
This college was built in 1983 and is known throughout Pakistan for its educational services.
It is counted among the best and number 01 medical colleges of Pakistan and its reputation has increased due to its professional services and collaboration with international institutions.

1. Aga Khan Medical University

Aga Khan Medical College and University is an international institution that is providing the best services in terms of educational services in collaboration with different countries.

This medical college has successfully established various campuses in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in addition to Karachi in Pakistan. It is running and in relation to its educational services, it also provides various health sciences such as nursing, arts, media and communication to the students.

Aga Khan Medical College MBBS is the best in Pakistan. The medical college also offers various scholarships to its students. There are five different types of scholarships for MBBS, whose merit is decided by the university committee or the college authorities.

The university committee conducts interviews and the successful candidates are awarded scholarships.

For admission, fee structure, and other information, you can visit the official website of the Aga Khan Medical College.

Aga Khan University Fee Structure for MBBS

Application feeOne Time5,800300
Admission FeeOne Time120,0002100
Tuition FeeAnnual835,00025,100

2. University of Health Sciences

University of Health Sciences Lahore is one of the major educational institutions of Pakistan. It ranks second in the list of medical colleges in Pakistan.

This medical college provides its best educational services in the field of medicine in Pakistan. This university is offering undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in medicine.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan. university of health sciences

According to the HEC ranking, this college comes second in the list of medical colleges in Pakistan. This college has an important name due to its professional services. Along with its undergraduate program, this college is also offering its services in graduate and post graduate programs.
Deserving students from all corners of Pakistan take admission in this college.

The best graduate programs of this college include MBBS, BDS and more than a dozen departments.

Apart from this, the graduate program includes Diploma in Family Medicine, Master in Family Medicine and Nursing, Biochemistry in Post Graduate Program and more than a dozen departments.

3. Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi

It is the third largest medical college of Pakistan within the city of Karachi. This college is known for its professional services and excellent education and research within it.
The university has two well-known institutes related to health and science,

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan dow university of health sciences

one is MBBS College and the other is Dow International Medical College. The college is being run by qualified and trained teachers and students are admitted on the basis of merit

Dow Medical College Admission information

  • Last date: 17 May, 2022 (form submission)
  • Entrance Exam …30 May, 2022 (for Medicine)
  • For Surgery entrance exam …. on 31 May, 2022

DOW University Fee Structure for MBBS 2022

MBBS 2022-23
Total Fee Without Transport502,635 PKR
Total Fee Including Transport518,385 PKR

4. Isra University Hyderabad

Covering an area of ten acres, the fourth largest medical college of Pakistan is located in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.
Engineering Sciences and Technology students in this institution. It studies commerce, science and technology.

In the ranking of medical colleges in Pakistan, this college is at the fourth place and it is located at a distance of 5 kilometers on the Hyderabad bypass.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

Isra University/college Fee Structure for MBBS

Fee Items Regular CategoryOverseas Category
One Time Admission Fee50,000 PKR$ 1,000
University Fee PKR 100,000/1st Year
2nd and Onwards PKR 50,000/Annual
$ 1,000
Tuition Fee PKR 687,000 (Annual)1st and 2nd Year $11,000
3rd to Final Year USD

5. Ziauddin University Karachi

Karachi has the best medical college of Pakistan which is not only providing its services within Karachi, students from all over the country come here and quench their thirst for knowledge.

This university named after Ziauddin Ahmed was built by Ziauddin Group and this institution is located in the best area of Karachi.

The mission of the university is to provide the best medical education to the students and to use their knowledge for the welfare of the society.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

Ziauddin University Fee Structure

  • Application Form Fee: Rs 2000
  • University Fee: Rs 50,000
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 166,000/First Year
  • Documentation Fees: Rs 3000
  • Medical Examination: Rs 2500
  • Security Deposit: Rs 3000
  • Students Activities: Rs 2000
  • 6. Khyber Medical University Peshawar

Medical education within this institution is called the mother of education. This institution established in 1954 is located in Peshawar and is considered an important medical institution in Peshawar because of its professional education services. This institution is quite famous.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

Sr No.Fee Structure1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th YearFinal Year
1Tuition Fees130000110000110000110000110000
2PMDC Reg3000
3Exam FeesAccording to the Examination Rules

7. King Edward Medical University Lahore

It was originally known as King Edward College and is the oldest medical school in Pakistan. With this institute, Myao Hospital has also been added. Professor Dr. Muhammad Yahya will succeed Faisal Masud as vice chancellor of the institute. Seven other hospitals are also under the command of this institute.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

8. Baqai Medical University, Karach

A top medical institute in Pakistan, it offers courses in medicine, health management, paramedical sciences, veterinary sciences, and dentistry. In Karachi Sindh Punjab, Professor F.U Baqai is the chancellor, and Zahida Baqai is the vice chancellor. A WHO affiliate, it is a non-profit organization.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

Baqai Medical University, Karach Fee Structure

Admission Fee (MBBS and BDS)                 PKR 1000
First Year Fee for students                             PKR 450,000
Per Year dues                                                  PKR 410,000

9. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro

It is one of the best medical colleges in the province of Sindh at Jamshoro, 160 km away from Karachi and only 16 km away from Hyderabad.
It is a medical institute that provides complete educational facilities in postgraduate and undergraduate medicine.
Its aim is to create a world-class institution in Health and Allied Sciences and to provide complete education.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

His mission is to pursue post-graduate and undergraduate studies in health sciences so that he can use this knowledge in practice to serve the country.

Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences Fee Structure

DentistryBDS4 Years27000
Medicine – MBBSMBBS5 Years27000
NursingB.NURS4 Years27000

10. Gandhara University, Peshawar

Kandhara Medical College, established in 1995, has become Kandahar University. This university is located in Peshawar and provides specialized training in healthcare sciences. It holds an important position within Peshawar due to its professionalism and excellent educational services.

Top Government Medical Colleges In Pakistan

It was approved by KP Govt. Prospectus and admission forms are available from the head office in the first week of July for all those students who want to take admission here.
Last date for submission of admission form is 18 August 2022

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