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Today Sehri time Faisalabad fiqa Jafria (Shia) – Ramadan 2024

Fiqa Jafria Sehri Time is 04:12 AM and Fiqa Jafria Iftar Time is 6:44 PM in Faisalabad today, 11 April , , and on the seventh day of Ramadan. The dates for Iftar and Sehri, according to Fiqh Jafria, are as follows:

Shia Iftar is at 06:44 PM and Sehri is at 04:12 AM in Faisalabad. The Ramadan timetable is provided below.

Sehri time Faisalabad fiqa Jafria -Shia

11 April , 04:12 am6:44pm

Ramadan Calendar (Sehri O Iftar Time Faisalabad)

Here is the Ramadan calendar for Faisalabad in (1444-1445 AH) according to the Jafria fiqh school:


March 314:25 AM6:39 PM
April 14:24 AM6:39 PM
April 24:19 AM6:51 PM
April 34:18 AM6:51 PM
April 44:16 AM6:52 PM
April 54:15 AM6:52 PM
April 64:14 AM6:53 PM
April 74:13 AM6:53 PM
April 84:12 AM6:54 PM
April 94:11 AM6:54 PM
April 104:10 AM6:55 PM
April 114:09 AM6:55 PM
April 124:08 AM6:56 PM
April 134:07 AM6:56 PM
April 144:06 AM6:57 PM
April 154:05 AM6:57 PM
April 164:04 AM6:58 PM
April 174:03 AM6:58 PM
April 184:02 AM6:59 PM
April 194:01 AM6:59 PM
April 204:00 AM7:00 PM
April 213:59 AM7:00 PM
April 223:58 AM7:01 PM
April 233:57 AM7:01 PM
April 243:56 AM7:02 PM
April 253:55 AM7:02 PM
April 263:54 AM7:03 PM
April 273:53 AM7:03 PM
April 283:52 AM7:04 PM
April 293:51 AM7:04 PM
April 303:50 AM7:05 PM

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Azhar Ali
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