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Free 8070 Atta Online Registration Scheme | Check Your Eligibility

PM announced Ehsaas 8070 Free Atta Registration Web Portal (Special Ramadan package). Throughout Ramzan, Pakistan’s government has launched a number of relief programs to assist the vulnerable.

Program name is Free Ata Scheme 8070. The scheme gives eligible families three 10kg bags of flour for free.

8070 Free Atta App Download – Flour Subsidy for Ramadan

To simplify the process of registering for the atta scheme, a portal has been launched that allows free registration. As a result, Ata can be registered by eligible citizens.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Atta Scheme In Ramadan

  • Families with income below Rs 60,000 will receive free flour bags under Ata Scheme.
  • It is possible for a family to receive free three bags of flour weighing 10 kg during Ramadan.

Free Atta Scheme Apply Online – Starting Date

Under the special Ramadan relief package that will be provided from the 25th of Shaban until the 25th of Ramadan, customers will be able to avail of free flour.

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How To Register Online For Ehsaas Program 8070 Free Atta Scheme

If you want to register for Ehsaas free flour scheme online, then all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. For example, the 8070 Free Atta Scheme can be registered online by following these steps:

  1. Go to to find out more about the 8070 Free Atta Scheme.
  2. The ‘Register Now’ button can be found on the homepage.
  3. Please provide your name, CNIC number, mobile number, and address.
  4. In addition, please upload a recent passport-sized photograph and a scanned copy of your CNIC.
  5. To complete the registration process, click the ‘Submit’ button.

PM Ehsaas 8070 Free Atta Program Helpline

Citizens can also register for the scheme via a helpline and the online portal. It is possible to contact the helpline between the hours of 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, by calling the toll-free number.

Free Atta Government Scheme in Pakistan   Ramazan Package

With the help of this groundbreaking initiative, people in Pakistan can get free wheat flour to cope with financial hardships due to high prices. The first program of its kind, “8070 Free Atta Online Registration,” is intended to provide relief to the poor.

During a meeting in Lahore, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stressed the importance of quick action after Punjab adopted the scheme.

Many impoverished people will benefit greatly from this Ramadan package, providing them greater sustenance than they could have otherwise.

PM 8070 Muft Atta Online Registration

Eligibility Criteria Of 8070 Ehsaas Free Atta Online Registration

The eligibility criteria for 8070 Free Atta Online Registration must be met before applying. The scheme is open to the following:

  • Punjab residents must be eligible to apply.
  • You must earn less than Rs. 25,000 per month as a household.
  • It is not possible for you to access any other government program for social welfare.


During these difficult times, the 8070 Free Atta Scheme provides much-needed relief to the vulnerable sections of society. Citizens are now able to register online and call a helpline. 

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