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AIOU Tutor 2024 Search by Roll No or CNIC (Spring & Autumn) | Matric to MA

As a result, students are waiting for their declared tutors’ information, which needs to show on the website now. This article will cover the AIOU Tutor search by roll no or CNIC for .

The official Website of Allama Iqbal Open University has undergone some changes that make finding a Tutor address much more difficult. 

AIOU Edu Pk Tutor Information (Step-by-step Guide)

For new and continuing students, the university assigns tutors to whom they can send handwritten assignments. However, nowadays, the university website needs to be fixed, so getting your Tutor’s details is a headache for all students.

Here we are sharing the simple step-by-step method to search your tutor information by roll no.

  • Type your AIOU Id on User Id.
  • Password is required
  • English or Urdu.
  • Go to Academic Records.

AIOU Tutor Letter Online For Semester Autumn & Spring

The academic year at Allama Iqbal University consists of two semesters per year, one during the Spring term & 2nd is Autumn term. Both semesters follow the same process in terms of registration and processing. 

For tutor letters online, visit the official website and click tutor information. Unfortunately, students cannot receive tutor letters due to some issues.

Select the spring or autumn running semester and enter your roll number. A screen will open asking for the printout. Send the teachers your work as soon as you have printed your tutor letter.

How to Automatically Assign Tutor for Students at Home?

Distance learning, in particular, requires students to receive appropriate advice. As part of an open institution, a teacher must be trained and follow this concept.

To contact a tutor directly, you must have their complete contact information in a tutor profile. Additionally, they help students pass their tests by providing excellent ideas and suggestions.

How to Become a Tutor in AIOU Registration Application Form Portal?

Using the University’s Online portal, you can also find out information about your Tutor at your convenience. For this process to be completed, several steps need to be taken. 

  1. Search for a tutor on the official website.
  2. Choose a region
  3. Choose a program
  4. Submit the Tutor’s address.
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