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Dolphin Police Salary in Pakistan 2024 Pay Scale, Allowances, and Benefits

Dolphin Police salary in Pakistan is a special unit of the police force, tasked with patrolling waterways and providing security. The salary for a Dolphin Police officer in Pakistan varies depending on their rank and length of service.

However, on average, the starting salary for a Dolphin Police officer in Pakistan is around 40,000 to 50,000 PKR per month.

Dolphin Police Salary in Pakistan

Police Ranks in Pakistan Badges & Salary

Discover the Dolphin Police salary in Pakistan for officers, including benefits and pay scale information.

Dolphine police force salary package and BPS in Pakistan, would you belives as major feelings after get helmets and Bluetooth needs to activate, 1 million cost of motorbike and about 50,000 costs of the uniform frther visit official wesite of Punjab Police.

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan With Rank Order

These things will make a constable of dolphin force police. Dolphine force salary package is true to justify at the same point because it is all about the way of relaxing under the most awaited aspects. Now, Delphine Police is one of the best signs which may be working so far.

Dolphin Police Salary in Lahore Pakistan

dolphine police uniform

Check Police Ranks In Pakistan With Salary Detail

The uniform of the Dolphin Police force in Lahore, Pakistan typically includes. The dolphin force was introduced in April, easy to petrol in Lahore street to stop curb crime.

  • Black or navy blue pants and shirt
  • Black shoes
  • Black beret or cap
  • Name tag
  • Badge
  • Gun holster
  • Utility belt with equipment such as a baton, handcuffs, and pepper spray.

Dolphine Police Salary and Benefits

When it started in April this year, it is all about the new experience in Lahore first and the rank and pay scale of the Dolphin Force should be justified indeed.

The pay scale of Dolphin Force Lahore will be judged by the fact that more than 100 officers in Dolphin Force Lahore receive training sessions from 25 officers who were so trained by their Turkish counterparts that they have full test guidance.

The first lap in the training observes when one trained office notices the 25 candidates that were trained on 66oCC BMW bucks here in Pakistan and that have different models of speed to deal with.


In conclusion, the salary of Dolphin Police officers in Pakistan is competitive and varies based on rank and experience. As a special unit of the police force, Dolphin Police play an important role in maintaining security in Pakistan’s waterways, and their salaries reflect the importance of their duties.

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